Aaron Doering

Through design, technology, and adventure, we can revolutionize education around the world.

Aaron Doering is a professor in learning technologies at the University of Minnesota and the director of the Learning Technologies Media Lab. Aaron holds an Endowed Chair in Education and Technology, is a laureate of the prestigious humanitarian Tech Awards, and is an Institute on the Environment fellow. Professor Doering is a pioneer in adventure learning, and is recognized for the many cutting-edge, technology-enhanced education programs he spearheaded over the past decade and beyond. Some of these programs include WeExplore, The Changing Earth, and Earthducation.

Professor Doering has crafted unique online learning environments, published award-winning scholarship, appeared on numerous local and national news stories, and most recently, spoken on the TEDx Talk platform. The online learning platforms created by Professor Doering focus not only on pedagogy and content but also on user experience and innovative design. Harnessing the power of adventure, storytelling, the arts, and modern technology, Professor Doering’s works educate learners worldwide about sustainability, resilience, and the role of traditional knowledge in 21st-century education.

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