Call for Proposals

The Department of Writing Studies at the University of Minnesota––Twin Cities is excited to host the 21st annual GPACW conference. This year, we invite proposals with topics related to the diverse forms of “reality” in computer-mediated writing, research, and pedagogy.

As computers become increasingly mobile and integrated into our ways of working, learning, and being, computers play a pervasive role in how we construct, perceive, and share our realities and others’. This conference invites participants and proposals to engage with topics that investigate how recent shifts in computing—such as wearables, pervasive/ubiquitous computing, and immersive media—inform the writing process and its pedagogy; what challenges and opportunities these shifts pose for writers and communicators today; and how these shifts might transform our social, political, and digital realities.

Apart from the questions above, we are also interested in the broad implications of new/emerging technologies on writing instruction, writing studies curriculum, research, program administration, rhetorical theory, accessibility, disciplinarity, identity, and other aspects of our field’s interests. We welcome proposals that open conversations around (but not limited to) the following categories:

  • Pedagogies: Computer-aided instruction, new pedagogical approaches, writing across the curriculum, program administration
  • Rhetorics: Digital, visual, ambient rhetorics; digitality and rhetoric of inquiry; feminism
  • Networks: Social media, social movement, social technologies; networked learning
  • Invention/Innovation: Communication design, making/building/creating, design thinking
  • Cultures: Computing and composing across culture, translingualism in digital writing
  • Modalities: Multimodal composition, mode-mashing, semiotics, genres and media
  • Ethics: Computing ecocomposition, environmental/digital humanities
  • Identities: Users, power, privileges; disciplinary identity, disciplinarity
  • Access/Accessibility: Embodiment, usability, user experience
  • Citizenship: Technopolitics, cyborg citizenship; democracy and advocacy
  • Methods: Digital research methodologies, usability studies, user research

Presentation Formats

Proposals may be submitted for the following kinds of presentation:  

  • Individual presentation: A 15-minute presentation given by an individual speaker.
  • Panel presentation: A session in which 3-6 individuals spend 30-45 minutes examining a central topic or theme.
  • Roundtable discussion: A session in which 3-5 individuals spend 45 minutes articulating a set of framing questions around a key topic on new realities in computers and writing.
  • Digital poster presentation: Presenters will present from their own laptop computer at a dedicated session during the conference.

Proposals should be limited to 150 words for individual and poster presentations, and up to 500 words for panel presentations and roundtable discussions.

Submission and Reviews

Priority review: Proposals submitted by July 1, 2017 will receive an expedited review and receive early notifications by July 8, 2017.

Standard review: The final due date for proposal submission is September 1, 2017. Notifications will be made by September 8, 2017.

Please submit your proposal as a Word document or PDF via email to Megan McGrath ( and Jason Tham (

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